“We were looking to a get a lot more precision about our market – who was in the market, and where we were going in the market…  the data we have received has really enabled us to drill into a lot more detail than we had ever thought possible” - Fortune 50 Software Company

“[outelligence] has helped us to do 2 things: it’s enabled us to really drive strategy, at an extremely high level (CXO), right down to field execution where we can actually do a lot better targeting and execution, and focus on what’s important which is changing the market.” - Top 3 software company

"It’s been great to work with outelligence, we get the data on-time and on-schedule – always a difficult thing in the IT industry. And the data has very much been game changing… all the way up to the Senior VP Level… to really help focus and deliver great results.” - Leading tech company

“We knew the data was going to be important. What we found was that the data was even more useful than what we expected. We actually got more than we were originally anticipating – some of the data points that we ended up getting let us drill to a level that we didn’t think was possible.” - Market leading tech company

“We’re actually expanding the scope going forward, we want to capture more information on different areas of our business so we can use the same sort of data, but in different areas… just due to the use it has been to us.” - Fortune 50 Software Company